Baroque Tack Parade Breastcollar

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Magnificent Baroque Parade Breastcollar!


  • Leather: Black with withe seams
  • Fittings: 13 pieces georgeous supersized shiny silver Conchos (5,5cm!!)
  • Buckles: Elegant Baroque Buckles, chromed solid brass
  • Barding:  A matching Barding sold separately


The same Conchos used in this Breastplate are avaible to pimp a Browband so that it matches the Breastplate. These are sold as a pair including screws.

Selection: Baroque Tack Parade Breastcollar

Product no. Size Status Price
VOR-60-WB Full
349.90 € *
ROS-50 2 Conchos (5,5cm)
49.90 € *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
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