BAROQUE TACK Baroque Bridle

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Baroque Bridle with Crystal Rivets

*1 Piece only*


  • Crystals: Embellished with sparkling Crystal Rivets, Color: Light Colorado Topaz
  • Leather: Fully hand stitched, extra wide
  • FittingsGeorgeous solid brass fittings
  • Noseband: Super soft padded
  • Reins: Including matching reins


Please check the measurements before ordering (large COB - FULL):

Browband: ~ 43cm
Bit to Bit: ~ 90cm - 113cm
Noseband: ~ 61cm-70cm

Selection: BAROQUE TACK Baroque Bridle

Product no. Size Status Price
ZAU-344-WB Single Bridle FULL
469.90 € *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
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