The Early Days (Silver Cloud I & S1)

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The Early Days by Davide Bassoli is a compendium on the launch of Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I and Bentley S1. The text is comprehensive and illustrated by fabulously well-captioned photos. An entireyl new approach - and that makes it a unique publication - is the idea to add as a Bonus a large-sized reproduction of a coachbuilder's drawing plus a facsimile of the original press-release by Rolls-Royce (incl. facsimiles of the original company-photos) - and to provide as an additional Bonus that card, which was provided with each new car to give an overview as regards the instruments. All in all a fabulous book, highly recommended.

Data: 3-pages container with specially shaped envelopes to keep the book 30x24cm, softback, 95 pages with mono- and colour-illustrations, plus additional boni.

This is a perfect addition to Davide Bassoli's book Every Cloud has a Silver Lining which does enjoy the reputation to be a "Standard Reference Book" on Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and Bentley S-Series.


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