Making a Marque, Rolls-Royce Motor Car Promotion 1904-1940

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MAKING A MARQUE, ROLLS-ROYCE MOTOR CAR PROMOTION 1904-1940. The promotional history of Rolls-Royce motor cars from the company's beginnings in 1904 to the outbreak of World War II is given based on exhaustive research and a wealth of documents.

464 pages and more than 900 illustrations (!) provide on models from Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost thru Rolls-Royce Phantom III and, too, from Rolls-Royce 20 H.P. thru Rolls-Royce Wraith exhaustive information on promotion, brochures and PR of the manufacturer.

How ably F. Henry Royce and Charles S. Rolls - cleverly assisted by a highly talented staff - achieved to establish Rolls-Royce as "The Best Car in The World" in a constant battle for recognition in all significant markets is fabulously well described and illustrated. Indeed in such impressive quality the book is a feast for the eyes and guarantees hours of entertaining reading.

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