Bentley Mark VI

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THE BENTLEY MARK VI by Bernard L. King

In handy A5 (6? x 8.5?) size this new book shows the same basic dimensions as the other books from the "Complete Classics" but it is a much bigger volume with 436 pages. All Bentley Mark VI cars that were produced between 1946 and 1952 are covered - and that means detail information on all 5,208 cars from that particular model series. The photos were carefully selected and some show cars with coachwork that hitherto had not been seen in any book about the marquee. Add to this that there are given full details of modifications carried out during the production run and full details on the cars from major shows identified with complete specification & finish information. Whether an owner or purely an enthusiast for this first model that the manufacturer delivered as a complete car - you cannot afford to be without this volume in the "Complete Classics" series of books.

Hardcover 210 x 160 mm, 436 pages, 164 mono-photos, 11 colour photos, published 2008;


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Bentley Mark VI Workshop Manual
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