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BENTLEY – L’AVENIR POUR DÈFI by Dominique Franque de Luxembourg

When compiling his book Dominique Franque de Luxembourg opted on starting the story  with the Bentley T and proceeding with development-leaps from Mulsanne Turbo  thru Turbo R  to the present Continental GT sports cars.

Beside formidable illustrations the text is remarkable as being of an outstandingly exquisite niveau.

When compiling his book Dominique Franque de Luxembourg opted on a bold attempt. Whatever history there had been of the marque prior to the year 1965 was almost minimised. His detailed story begins with the Bentley T-Type whose monocoque chassis and hydro-pneumatically operated self-levelling suspension and disc-brakes – to mention but a few of the most advanced features – qualified the T-Type for the position of “the first real high-tech-Bentley”.

That can be stated in any case for the succeeding models, too. By impressive development-leaps from the turbo-charged Mulsanne Turbo of the 80ies thru Turbo R with adaptive ride control from the 90ies to the four-wheel-drive sports cars which are produced at present with each new model an even higher of level of high-tech has been achieved. The author permits has a profound knowledge as regards specifications of the models from the period between 1965 and 2012. That is true as regards the information he provides on particulars of the design and on other essential peculiarities of Bentley motor cars.

Illustrated with an array of exquisite photos and drawings to invest in acquiring this book is justified even for those who are not fluent in French. However those perhaps will miss the added bonus of appreciating that beside formidable illustrations there is a text of an outstandingly exquisite niveau.

Language: French, Hartbound and boxed, 245x320mm, 192 pages, ca. 400 illustrations, many of those in colour; Date of Publication 2014.

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