Bentley Mark VI, 1952 Handbook / Owner's Manual (right hand drive, 4 1/1-Litre-Engine

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Bentley Mark VI, Owner's Manual with instructions for running and maintenance -- 1952 -1954, right-hand drive -- (English, 1952 edition), photocopies, re-sized to ca. 20x30cm, bound. Bentley Mark VI delivered from 1952 to 1954 (ok, the first cars to the new configuration were supplied during 2nd half of 1951) were powered by a 6-cylinder in-line-engine of 4 ,566 ccm capacity (the previous generation of Mark VI had been powered by a 4 1/4-litre-engine). The Owner's Manual is a most detailed description how to run and handle the car. In addition most comprehensive advice on service data and maintenance is provided. And the peculiarities of the newly developed 'Big-Bore' engine are described particularly well (e.g. 'Full-Flow' oil filter instead of the old 'By-Pass' oil filter, etc.)

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