Xeikon Digitaldruck

Xeikon Digitaldruck

Xeikon 8000

Designed to excel, Xeikon’s revolutionary digital printing press, the Xeikon 8000 will surpass all your expectations. The machine’s state-of-the-art technology has been developed to optimise print productivity and quality. Aside from providing real 1200 dpi imaging quality, this member of the Xeikon family offers an extended roll width and guarantees upgraded printing speeds of up to 230 A4 pages per minute, making it your ideal partner for fast printing without compromising on quality. Transcend the limits of your production capacity, enjoy superior image quality and deliver a wider range of applications to your customers with the Xeikon 8000.


The Xeikon 8000 has the best there is to offer in terms of quality, no matter how you look at it.

Dry toner electrophotography

Engineered to perfection, the electrophotographic imaging process remains the quality and reliability standard in digital colour printing.

True 1200 dpi imaging quality

There is one specific LED for every 21 micron width of the paper, optimally conditioned and perfectly calibrated. Each LED can be addressed with 4 bits of information. The combination of real 1200 dpi and 4 bit makes this imaging technology unique. Xeikon offers the exceptional sharpness essential for today’s demanding customer.

Refined screening library

To exploit the 1200 dpi to the full extent Xeikon’s specialists designed the Pericles, a set of four different screenings, allowing screen rulings of up to 240 lpi. This way you can reach a higher level of quality with your Xeikon 8000.

Colour consistency

Two in-line densitometers and high-performance process algorithms provide uniform and accurate colours.

Press-to-press linearization, even for presses in different locations is guaranteed. Xeikon assures the perfect colour consistency over time and in-between presses you need. What’s more, the Xeikon 8000 running the Xeikon PA-toner is Pantone certified (pending).

Front-to-back registration

The renowned One-Pass-Duplex™ concept enables perfect registration and simultaneous double-sided printing, ensuring data integrity which is crucial for documents containing critical financial information.


•In its class of graphic arts printing quality there is no other printing press that offers you the same level of productivity.

•Web fed press

•Like all Xeikon presses, the Xeikon 8000 is a high-speed web-fed digital colour press created for profitable printing. Reducing your production costs and time is our primary concern.

•Astonishing printing speed

The Xeikon 8000 prints multi-page documents at an impressive speed of 230 A4 pages per minute, which translates into 244 letter size pages per minute and a duty cycle of 8,5 million A4 pages per month.

Unparalleled uptime

Speed alone is not enough to upgrade your productivity. The robust parts combined with Xeikon’s long-time experience and the best designers in the field result in a superior uptime of over 90% for real volume applications.

Transcend the limits of your production capacity and streamline your workflow with the Xeikon 8000.


Authentic and continued growth comes from securing new print jobs and offering real value to your customer. The Xeikon 8000 is a web-fed press that handles scalable paper widths of 320 - 512 mm with virtually no restriction in sheet length. It can help you find and fulfil those new business opportunities because it accommodates standard formats up to A2 full-bleed or B2 as well as non-standard formats. Ready to print the longest jobs on a wide range of paper stocks from 40 to 350 gsm, it can also print on a wide choice of other substrates such as polyester film, transfer material, and label stock adding a wide assortment of value-generating applications.

Spot on
Xeikon’s printing presses share some characteristics that are unique in the printing industry. The most important ones are:

One-Pass-Duplex™ functionality, assuring data integrity.
•A choice between roll-to-roll or roll-to-cut sheet configurations.

•The X-800 digital front-end, standard with every Xeikon press.

No limitations in sheet or image length.
Additional eye-catching attributes of the Xeikon 8000:

An easily replaceable 5th colour station on either printing side, restored in just a few minutes with standard spot colours, available of the shelf.
Extended printing dimension. The new 1200 dpi print head enables a larger printing width of up to 504 mm; it can run a substrate of up to 512 mm wide.

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