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Pattern 8895 - Highly Polished

All Amil cutleries are a washer-suitable. 
The extra-sharp knife blades are produced from special-hardened high-grade steel. All the other cutlery shares pass steel of 18/10 chrome nickel. 
Processing and precision of the decoration are a clue for quality. The accurate lines and detailed exactness show the high high-class standard of the Amil cutleries.


Table set for the high claim to any celebration occasion. Highly polished 18/10 stainless steel Dishwasher safe.

The set impresses with its timeless and elegant design and its high quality workmanship. You will feel and see as soon as you it the first time in your hand.

With this set you are for any festive occasion fully equipped. Of course, the cutlery makes everyday a good figure.


Amil stainless steel 18/10

highly polished

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Product Note Status Price
Suitcase Suitcase
for 72, 84 and 96 pieces sets
24.90 € *
Whooden case Exclusive with window Whooden case Exclusive with window
for 84 and 96 pieces sets
79.90 € *
Wooden case with window Wooden case with window
for 84 and 96 pieces sets
69.90 € *
Wooden case with Window Wooden case with Window
for 84 and 96 pieces sets
69.90 € *
Black suitcase Black suitcase
for 72 and 84 pieces sets
22.90 € *
Gift Packaging (Etui) Gift Packaging (Etui)
for 30 pieces sets
4.90 € *
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