insect protection

insect protection

Highly effective insect protection for your horse, like spray, gel, fly corners or small ears, you will find everything for the defense of the annoying plague glands

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Parisol Brake Shock - Gel, 500ml

Product no.: Bense 1270

Parisol Brake Shock Gel

Size: can 500ml ingredient: Icaridine

8 hours effective · Free from essential oils ·

19.95 *
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Parisol brake shock - 8 hours effective!

Product no.: GR 390072

Free from essential oils · Dermatologically tested

Active ingredient: Icaridine

Size: 500ml spray bottle (other sizes on request)

18.95 *
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BrakesShock Lavender Blood Orange

Product no.: Bense 1280

Parisol BrakesShock Lavender

8 hours protection against horseflies, mosquitoes, flies and ticks.

Free of essential oils and fragrances

18.95 *
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Soulhorse horse care

Product no.: Bense

Horse shop Tasting action

Care products from Bense and Eicke /Parisol in small packages

ideal for off the beaten track or to try out

4.95 *
1 piece(s) = 2.45 €

Parisol horse deo - 35-40 hours effective!

Parisol HorseDeo

Due to the smell of nourishing oils, the sprayed horse is no longer recognized

Icaridine in 500ml spray bottle

4.95 *
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EQUISIT forte, insect protection

Product no.: GR 390215

Equisit forte Flyspray 500ml with sprayer

for humans + horses against flies, mosquitoes, brakes and ticks.

ingredient: 20.6% Icaridine

23.95 *

EQUIMIN natural fly protection

Product no.: GR 390217

EQUIMIN natural fly protection

Water and perspiration resistant, reliably protects for at least 6 hours

Also suitable for Exemer

23.95 *
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