Ponies saddles

Ponies saddles and youth saddles

Ponies saddles and youth saddles

great saddles for the little riders,

western or english saddles made of leather, synthetic or fur

Saddles for Haflinger, Icelanders, Shettys

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Sattle Set " Little Star"

Product no.: GR 200106

Complete Saddle set "Little Star"for wood Horses
Stirrup, stirrup, straps

pink, red, black, blue, golden

49.95 *
79.90 €
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saddle set PartyPony

Product no.: GR 200009

complete saddle set PartyPony

saddle, girth, saddle pad, stirrup with strap

Colour: black, pink, red, blue

69.95 *

Shetlandpony Saddle

Product no.: Pro 1003 dundee

From good saddle leather

With sturdy nylon underlayed belt strings

Seat Size: 14 " lenght

178.95 *
In stock

Pony saddle London 15 "

Product no.: Pro 1001 London

great pony saddle

made of really good saddle leather

Seat size: 15", Color: black or brown

179.95 *

High quality youth saddle

Product no.: Pro 1002 Dublin

High quality youth saddle from good saddle

Seat size: 16 ", color: black

With wide chamber width

199.95 *

Leather Haflinger saddle 17,5"

Short versatility saddle with super leather quality

Seat size:
17,5", with flat, wide chamber

Color: black, brown

219.95 *

Treeless saddle Light + belt and strap

Product no.: G 200081 expert-child

High quality treeless saddle set complete with belt and belt

For optimum riding comfort and a stable sitting feeling

Size: 13 ",

99.95 *

Treeless fur saddle pony

Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R1

Treeless Fur Saddle Pony

for particularly intense riding sensation

Almost any horse can be ridden with the fur saddle

249.95 *

Angel (lamb) fur saddle Ibero

Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R3

Treeless Angel Lambskin Saddle

for freedom of movement

Especially suitable for horses that are still muscularly strongly changing.

289.95 *

Round Skirt Kids western saddle

Good, stable kids leather saddle

Sizes 12 "Pony, 10" Shetty

Colors: brown, black

149.95 *

Western saddle Dakota Rainer Junior

Full Quarter fiberglass construction

Seat size 13 ", length: 53 cm

Weight: approx. 7.8 kg, Strap: Full on Skirt

599.95 *

Western saddle Silver Jack

Product no.: GR 270106

Western saddle Silver Jack

Synthetic Western saddle with textile surface

Sizes: 14 ", 15", 16 ", 17", 18 "

179.95 *

Treeless saddle pony

Product no.: G 200002 Aspect

Smooth leather look, inside seat with Teddyfell

Color: brown - light brown

Size: Full 18 ", Cob 16", Pony 14 "

99.95 *
139.90 €
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Western sattle "Mexico" Procheval

Product no.: Pro W1005

Good, stable Round Skirt leather saddle

Seat size: 15 "Warm-blooded

Full on Skirt - Rigging

269.95 *

Western saddle Virgina

Product no.: GR 270135 "Norfolk"

Western saddle Virgina

Synthetic Western saddle with textile surface

Sizes: 14 ", 15", 16 ", 16"

148.95 *

Western saddle Cowgirl

Product no.: GR 270105 "Grayson"

Western saddle Cowgirl

Synthetic Western saddle with metal ornaments

Sizes: 14 ", 15", 16 "

149.95 *

Measuring grid for saddle fitting

Product no.: Art. Nr: 1849[1]

Rental fee for a saddle measuring grid

to determine the size

there are stopping points for chamber size, swing, length of a saddle

25.00 *
In stock

Spanish saddle

Product no.: GR 200001

This Spanish saddle is a real beauty.
ideal for dressage and terrain

Classic handcrafted from oiled leather.

499.95 *
1,119.95 €
You save 55 %
In stock

TEKNA™ Kids Riding Pad

Product no.: HG 1700 0011

TEKNA™ Kids Riding Pad 

from proven QUIK-CLEAN™ material

Front handle strap, with adjustable aluminium stirrups

209.95 *

Versatility saddle "Black River"

Product no.: GR 990403

Saddle "Black River" 15"

seat size: 15" , chamber 28cm, 30cm

incl. stirrup, leathers and saddle blanket

169.95 *
629.90 €
You save 73 %

Versatility saddle "Black River" 18

Product no.: GR 990403 18"

Saddle "Black River" 18"

seat size: 18", chamber 28cm, 34cm

SPECIAL POST, available while stocks last!

169.95 *
639.90 €
You save 73 %
In stock

Tekna Pony Eventing Saddle by USG

Product no.: HG 1700 0001

Tekna Pony Eventing Saddle by USG

from proven QUIK-CLEAN™ material

flexible saddle tree, soft padded seat

725.95 *
779.95 €
You save 7 %

Tekna Pony dressage saddle by USG

Product no.: HG 1700 0004

Tekna Pony Eventing Saddle by USG

from proven QUIK-CLEAN™ material

flexible saddle tree, soft padded seat

779.95 *

New Tekna Pony Spring Saddle S-Line by USG

Product no.: HG 1705 0019

Tekna Pony Spring Saddle S-Line by USG

from proven QUIK-CLEAN™ material

with deep soft seat, head iron exchangeable

739.95 *

Tekna Pony Dressage Saddle

Product no.: HG 1705 0014

Tekna Pony Dressage Saddle

from proven QUIK-CLEAN™ material

with deep seat and replaceable head iron

779.95 *

Spanish saddle Accessories

Product no.: GR 990276

Accessories for the Spanish saddle

Classically handcrafted from oiled leather

Brass stirrup, crupper, saddle girth

99.95 *

New Riding cushion "Bareback" by USG

Product no.: USG 15200006-100

High quality riding cushion "Bareback" by USG

for optimal riding comfort and very gentle on the horse

with handle

129.95 *
In stock
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