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English combined bridle ❤ Vintage

Product no.: Pro 2007 Karin

Front and noseband white  interlaced

and white underlined
Including webbing straps

Sizes Pony, Thoroughbred,

10.00 *
39.95 €
You save 75 %
In stock

LEDLight Collar Manoa Glow (Wert: 60)

Hunter LED Light Neck Manoa Glow

reflective elements and additional LED light tube

in different sizes and colours


15.00 *
In stock

Exclusive Headband Vintage

In exclusive design with sparkling rhinestones
Padded with soft cow leather
Size: cold blood, warm blood, whole blood, pony

2.00 *

Saddle belt cover made of Teddyfell (Farbe: weiß)

Saddle belt cover made of Teddyfell

Color: black, white, length 90cm

The belt is simply pulled through

3.00 *
13.90 €
You save 78 %
In stock


Product no.: Pro 5011 STR

Knot halter made of high-quality professional material

in 8mm thickness

suitable for warm blood, whole blood 

4.00 *
14.95 €
1 piece(s) = 2.00 €
You save 73 %
In stock

Saddle stretch belt 90-140 cm

Super soft, supple stretch material

Suitable for all common saddles

90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 cm

3.00 *
17.90 €
You save 83 %
In stock

New Double cracked snaffle bit with shanks

Product no.: Pro W2207 Sprenger 49999 999 98

Billy Allan Bit with movable center piece

size 15,5cm, 16,5cm with 55mm D-rings

freedom of reed due to curved mouthpiece

49.00 *
69.95 €
You save 30 %
In stock

New Stainless steel post curb 185mm

Product no.: Sprenger Kaltblut Sonderanfertigung

Sprenger Stainless steel post curb for Draft

thickness 16mm - width 185mm

with movable side parts

86.00 *
Current daily price
In stock

Underlaid halter Special Edition

Product no.: USG 15050006 Special Edition

Underlaid halter Special Edition

Size: Shetty, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Cold blood

covered with soft leather in different colors


10.00 *
14.95 €
You save 33 %
In stock
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