Light lunging whip made of fibreglass 300cm

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Very light fibreglass lunging whip

with six high-quality fibreglass tube segments and water-repellent, tear-resistant silicone impact,

the segments can be pushed telescopically into each other and pulled apart to form a whip for the next use

When closed, it is a handy 58 cm small, with a weight of 125g and thus about 50% lighter than conventional lunging whips.

The unpleasant pain that can occur when lunging in the arm and forearm is now a thing of the past.

When opened, the whip reaches a working length of 7 meters with a silicone blow. This is about 40% more than with conventional lunging whips.

and this results in a better accessibility of the horse from the lunging point. Each pipe segment is additionally reinforced at the upper edge,

which increases the stability and durability of the material

Individual segments can be easily and inexpensively replaced with new ones and the removable end cap allows impurities/sand to be removed quickly and conveniently.

 with rubberized handle, lies light and good in the hand

Length of the whip: plugged together: 58cm (ideal for transport)

300 cm length + length of the stroke: 410 cm working length of 7 meters
additionally there are spare parts

    Replacement segments #1 - segment incl. cap and handle, #2 - the second segment, #3 - the third segment, #4 - the fourth segment, #5 - the fifth segment, #6 - the whole segment incl. eyelet (without punch) Size: 50cm to 58cm / Color: white Weight 0,10 to 0,30kg / (Please enter the desired segment under remark to the order

    Silicone impact, 4 meters, color: white / Material: silicone

    leather stroke,4 meters, color: white / weight 0,10 / material: imitation leather

    Nylon flap, 4 meters ,Color: white / Weight 0,20 / Material: nylon


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