Himalaya Salt Lickstone

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Himalaya Salt Lickstone

sizes approx. 3kg

many vital minerals, free of environmental pollution
food quality, can be stored dry indefinitely

different in shape and colour, individually processed and packaged

more resistant to moisture, etrem hard, not biteable, optimal shape for even wear

suitable for equidae, goats, sheep and rodents

Himalayan rock salt lickstones consist of natural mineral silt with valuable mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins. It has a positive effect on inflammatory processes of the skin. Its beneficial effect makes it ideal for supportive treatment of closed injuries, sprains and insect bites. It is bioactive, antiseptic, with natural antibiotic substances and can be used all year round.

Recommendations for the use of esoterics and natural medicine in eczema, bruises, strains, inflammations and lame animals

Average chemical composition of natural rock salt:

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Sodium Chloride NaCl 97.5% min.

Iron Fe 5.0 - 70 mg/kg The ability to transport and absorb oxygen as well as the mitochondrial electron transport and ultimately the entire energy metabolism depends on an adequate supply of iron.

Calcium Ca 0.45% max. 99% of the calcium found in the body is found in bones and teeth - the calcium-rich compound hydroxyapatite (Ca5(PO4)3(OH)) gives them stability and firmness. At the same time, the bones serve as storage for calcium - in the case of calcium deficiency, some of it can be removed from the bones and made available for other tasks. Bone decalcification, osteoporosis, occurs mainly in older people. Calcium is involved in blood coagulation, muscle and nerve excitation and in the activation of some enzymes and hormones.

Cobalt Co 0.05 - 0.5 mg/kg is an essential trace element for nutrition as a component of vitamin B12 (cobalamin), which in healthy mammals can be formed directly from cobalt ions by intestinal bacteria.

Magnesium Mg 0.05% max. magnesium is indispensable as a mineral for humans, animals and plants. Like all minerals, the human and animal organism cannot produce magnesium itself, i.e. it is essential. Magnesium must therefore be supplied to the body daily in sufficient quantities to prevent magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is present in different amounts in all foodstuffs and also in water.

Iodide J 0.1 - 2.2 mg/kg iodine is a vital trace element that is needed for the formation of thyroid hormones. These control the body temperature and regulate the entire metabolism of our body.

Sulphate SO4 1.00% max. sulphate stimulates digestion. Promotes the flow of bile. It has a positive effect on the cholesterol metabolism.

Zinc Zn 0.5 - 3 mg/kg Zinc is one of the essential trace elements for the metabolism. Zinc fulfils many different functions in the body. It plays key roles in sugar, fat and protein metabolism and is involved in the development of the genetic material and cell growth. Both the immune system and many hormones need zinc for their function. It plays an important role in wound healing. The trace element cannot be stored in the body, it must be regularly supplied from the outside. For example: a presented study of nutritional science indicates that children who receive sufficient zinc daily (20 mg) experience a significant improvement in their mental performance. Zinc is also a cold remedy whose disease relieving and shortening effect could be proven in studies. Zinc deficiency leads to a lack of function of the gonads, growth disorders and anaemia.

Manganese Mn 0,1 - 1 mg/kg It is an important component of many enzymes and increases the utilisation of vitamin B1, important for the insulin production of the pancreas.

Potassium K 3 - 500 mg/kg Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes of body fluid and is jointly responsible for controlling muscle activity. Excessive sweating of potassium can cause cramps and exhaustion in competitive athletes.

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