Haas Brush Set "Black

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Haas brush set "Black" + grooming box

Set with grooming box / in exchange would also go a grooming bag

Mane brush Koko Handy brush with 3 cm long coconut bristles, which are ideal for horse care. The fibers still contain coconut oil, which nourish the skin and coat and effectively remove dirt6.40

Mane brush small 8 cm Small mane brush with 8 cm long, slightly wavy bristles. An indispensable helper in daily horse grooming. Also perfect to get the last dust from the coat 6,40

Washing brush black, the outer, longer bristles provide an optimal washing and cleaning result 6,40

Card brush Capriole with black horsehair with leather wrist strap 12,30€

Hoof-Pick-Brush and mane comb

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