Muesli feed horse - balance

Muesli feed horse - balance

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Low-protein muesli, without oats, low-dust,

Normal stress

Sample size, 1 kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg or 20kg

Barley flakes 22.00%, corn flakes 22.00%, soy basals 17.50% wheatgrass 12.50% corn 7.50%, Rubenschnitzel 6.50%, molasses 4.00%, corn popped 2.00%, wheat popped 2 , 00%, alfalfa flour 1.65%, vitamin premix 1.00%, sodium chloride 0.55%, monocalcium phosphate 0.38%, calcium carbonate 0.38%, magnesium oxide 0.04%

Per kg / crude protein 12.40%, crude oil and fat 3.10%, crude fiber 12.03%, raw ash 6%, calcium 0.63%, phosphorus 0.47%, sodium 0.32%, magnesium 0.28 %, By weight of protein 90.08 g

Vitamin A 12,519 IU, vitamin D3 834.00 IU, vitamin E 185mg, manganese 24.02mg, iron 63.98mg, selenium 0.11mg, cobalt 20.04mg, lysine 5.2mg, threonine 4.39mg, methionine 2.05mg ug

Sample size, 1 kg, 2kg or 5 kg or 20 kg for collection

Pferdeladen Balance is a tasty muesli mixture without oats, which can be used in a wide variety of applications and can be fed as a single crib feed or with oats or other cereals.


Low-dust, sole nativity without oats
Extremely tasty by herbs
Ideal energy / protein ratio
Balanced calcium / phosphorus ratio
With high levels of vitamin E and magnesium for musculature and body mass
With all essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.
Reduced protein and energy content relieves the metabolism


Ensures a sustainably improved well-being
Supports the mental balance of your horse
Increases the vitality of your horse while maintaining a balanced temperament
With an optimally balanced mixture of nutrients and active ingredients
The digestive system is relieved and specifically supported

Balance is particularly suitable:

For normal horses and ponies
As an ideal combination feed for an economical and individual ration design
As a basic supply for every horse and every claim
For the small horse stock as well as for tournament or riding stables

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