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Magic Brush brush set

Everything is always there! Without much effort and it can get started. - 1 brush for the MÄHNE, 1 brush for the FELL and 1 for the HUFE - it does not get any easier.

Lies easily and well in the hand and frees the horse fast and gently from persistent dirt. The special structure and shape of the bristles cleans and massages at the same time and is suitable for hoof, leg and skin care. The back of the brush serves as a welding knife and can even in the washing machine if necessary.
MagicBrush for hoof, legs and fur - clean with feel-good effect for horse and rider

MagicBrush hoof:

Cleans effortlessly the hoof beam and the smallest gaps between horseshoes
Spares the sensitive hoof bales and coronet
100% water resistant
No bristle failure and indestructible, even if your horse enters the MagicBrush

MagicBrush Leg:

Reliably removes dirt, mud and stubborn grass spots
Joints and bones
Also comes in narrow depressions
Ergonomically shaped with minimal weight
Easy to clean even washable at 60 ° C

MagicBrush Fur:

Optimal for every horse hair
Removes effortlessly and thoroughly dried sweat from the fur back of the MagicBrush serves as a welding knife
Is ideal for shampooing
Optimally supports the care when changing the fur
Freed saddle and stable covers also from stubborn horse hair quickly and thoroughly thanks to special bristles

Internationally awarded horse brush - Made in EU!

To dye:

True Love, Pure Nature, Deep Sea, Toucan, Butterfly
    Color variations vary according to the season


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