Cleaning belt "Turnier" by USG

Colour: pink, brown, red

with numerous possibilities to store important utensils

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Product no.: GR 380021/PUHA1

Lambskin cleaning glove with high therapeutic value,

Both sides are made of fur

Size: about 23 x 18 cm

12.90 €
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Product no.: Pro 6028

Magic Brush brush set

MagicBrush Hoof, MagicBrush Leg, MagicBrush Fur:

In many different colors

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Product no.: GR 190213

8-piece Uta Gräf set

delivery: each 1 x hoof-scratcher Joker, hoof-scratcher, grooming brush Diva, Uta Gräf grooming brush, mane brush large and small, curry comb New Generation, cuddle brush

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Product no.: GR 190244

Magic Brush Soft is the new care and cuddle brush
for the particularly sensitive areas of horses and ponies

In many different colors

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Product no.: Hunter 67393

Belt bag Hilo Basic

particularly light and compact with cord lockable

in many great colors

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