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Since 2006 we offer individually designed horse accessories.

On our website www.pferdeladen.eu

From draft to shettyland and minishettys, we have many items in stock,

Special orders; Individual products with max. 15% price

Customized production of driving gear - harness, head pieces and other accessories are self-evident.

(Special sizes like donkeys, goats and cows, we have also of course ...)

We embroider and decorate according to your wishes

Horse accessories, Dog neck straps and blankets,

Towels, shirts & caps ... all kinds of textiles.

Since everything is made in loving handwork, the delivery also takes its time.

But for that you have a fitting piece of detail you will be happy with.

Horse store special 2020

Product no.: Special 2021

1.00 *
17.90 €
You save 94 %

New Valentine's food bucket with lid / poultry (Farbe: rosa)

6.00 / set(s) *
6.95 €
You save 14 %

New Golden postal curb with two suits

Product no.: Pro 7163G

20.00 *
42.95 €
You save 53 %
In stock

New Double cracked snaffle bit with shanks

Product no.: Pro W2207 Sprenger 49999 999 98

49.00 *
69.95 €
You save 30 %
In stock

Stainless steel post curb 185mm

Product no.: Sprenger Kaltblut Sonderanfertigung

86.00 *
Current daily price
In stock

pony bridle &Strass

Product no.: Pro SO 2099

24.95 *
32.95 €
You save 24 %
1 piece(s) = 20.00 €
In stock

Outdoor blanket Mini Neck

Product no.: Pro 4011 MiniNeck

60.00 *
84.95 €
You save 29 %
1 piece(s) = 50.00 €
In stock

Fleece sweat blanket

Product no.: GR 1349

12.00 *
29.95 €
You save 60 %
In stock

Pad "Season"

Product no.: GR 990446[2]

12.00 *
39.95 €
You save 70 %
In stock

Safety riding helmet PENTA Turnier

Product no.: Pro 9001 / 4743T

15.00 *
89.90 €
You save 83 %
Not in stock

safety vest

Product no.: Pro 9075

15.00 *
99.95 €
You save 85 %
In stock

Hunter Melamine Bowl Adelheid

Product no.: Hunter 60908

5.00 *
14.95 €
You save 67 %
In stock

Horseman Rope

Product no.: Pro W 5008

37.00 *
44.95 €
You save 18 %
In stock

Baroque bridle with Celtic cross

Product no.: Pro MA 1000[1]

80.00 *
139.90 €
You save 43 %
In stock

Stainless steel post curb

Product no.: Sprenger 4311017056

62.95 *
In stock

Pony loose-ring snaffle

Product no.: FF 006006

10.00 *
22.95 €
You save 56 %
In stock

New USG Sweat blanket Fairy embroidery

Product no.: USG 15300007 bestickt

29.95 *
In stock

New Valentine's feed bucket with lid rabbit mix (Farbe: rosa)

4.00 / set(s) *
In stock

New tension cord holder+quick release fitting

Product no.: Pro 7114 mit Schäkel

69.00 *
89.95 €
You save 23 %
In stock
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery


Visit us in our farm shop

saturdays from 11.00 to 15.00 and by appointment

Good offers and new products are presented here



High quality horse accessories sizes from mini shetty foal to draft

Discover remnants, B-goods and single items at a special price.

leg protection for sensitive horse legs

leg protection for sensitive horse legs

ideal protection for sensitive horse legs during work and transport

in different colours...

horse blankets Mini Horse up Draft

horse blankets Mini Horse up Draft

sizes from Minishetty foal to Draft

size 60 to 185cm

Horse covers in any style also embroidered possible with brand names, motifs and names


drive the coach

drive the coach

One ans two-horse, driving harnesses, collars and harnesses work
From Mini- Minishetty to XXL Kaltblut

Bits for Horses

Bits for Horses

Large selection of high quality dentures for special applications
Westernbits, engl. bits, riding and driving bits



Great gifts for horse fans...!
Really unique gifts for riders, carriages and horse friends;

farm shop

farm shop

Liqueur, jams from our own production

great gift idea for horse fans, riders and carriage drivers;

Embroidery or printing on site

Halters & rope

Halters & rope

High quality horse halters and cords also with names !!

Sizes from Minishetty foals to draft


Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs

High quality collars by Hunter with name

Biothane linen, cozy blankets


insect protection

insect protection

Highly effective insect protection, spray, gel or fly corners, you will find everything for the defense of the annoying plague glands

Luminous articles + Reflex

Luminous articles + Reflex

Luminous articles + Reflex, everything for safety
Sizes from Minishetty to Cold Blood + for Dogs

Lunging & Vaulting

Lunging & Vaulting

Voltigiergurt, Lungiergurt and lunge made of high quality materials

In professional quality



Turn your ideas into reality and personalized your outfit

trousers, shirts, tops, jackets, coats  practically everything can be personalized

Horse health

Horse health

The type of horses, horse feeding and horse care affect the horse health! This is how your horse is doing well!

Saddles and accessories

Saddles and accessories

high-quality saddles made of first-class materials

with matching accessories

for small ponies and big horses

Stable & pasture

Stable & pasture

New ideas for your riding stable and the daily stables
Suitable accessories for the pasture extension

bridles and accessories

bridles and accessories

bridle & riding brace made of first-class materials

With matching front parts & accessories

High quality also for small horses

Western riding equipment

Western riding equipment

The cowboy feel is becoming more popular and requires appropriate accessories, we have the suitable for every size from minishetty to draft

Important Information

Important Information

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