curry comb

curry comb

If the coat shines beautifully, you can see that your horse is doing well

The skin and the muscles of the horse are massaged by cleaning

And the sense of well being is increased.

Each horse should have its own cleaning box,

Since there are no diseases over the brushes or sponges

Can be transmitted

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Easter felt remover comb

Product no.: GR 190049

Easter felt remover comb

ideal for removing undercoat or underwool

in three different versions

29.95 *
1 piece(s) = 24.95 €
In stock

Haas "Uta Gräf complete set

Product no.: GR 190213

8-piece Uta Gräf set

delivery: each 1 x hoof-scratcher Joker, hoof-scratcher, grooming brush Diva, Uta Gräf grooming brush, mane brush large and small, curry comb New Generation, cuddle brush

79.95 *

Haas curry comb "The Good"

Product no.: GR 190158

Haas curry comb "The Good"

medium-hard plastic brush dissolves and removes dirt, skin flakes and dust.

size: 160 x 100 mm

3.95 *

Haas children's grooming brush "The Little One"

Product no.: GR 190131

Haas children's grooming brush "The Little One"

Just right for children's hands and in funny colours.

size: 170 x 90 mm

3.45 *

Uta Gräf curry comb New Generation soft

Product no.: GR 190195

Uta Gräf curry comb New Generation soft

Harrow made of soft special synthetic material,

size: 160 x 150 mm

5.75 *

Haas "Cleaning Brush Frank"

Product no.: GR 190181

Haas "Cleaning Brush Frank" for brush and Velcro fastener

Removes hair and dirt from the brush.

and cleaning Velcro fasteners.

7.45 *

Magic Brush set

Product no.: Pro 6028

Magic Brush brush set

MagicBrush Hoof, MagicBrush Leg, MagicBrush Fur:

In many different colors

13.00 *
16.95 €
You save 23 %
In stock

Foam bar 2in1

Product no.: Pro 6006

2in1 foam trowel and coarse bar

Made of stainless steel, slightly curved with wooden handle

Length: approx. 21 cm

6.95 *
7.90 €
You save 12 %
In stock

Spring locks

Product no.: Pro 6005

spring Striegel

Six-ply round metal bar

Diameter of spring: approx. 13 cm, length: approx. 24 cm

5.00 *
7.95 €
You save 37 %
In stock

New Haas Brush Set "Black

Product no.: Haas 55118

Haas brush set "Black" + grooming box

3 Brushes, 1Card brush, 1Hoof cleaner

Hoof-Pick-Brush and mane comb

50.00 / set(s) *

New HAAS "Pummel curry comb

Product no.: GR 190236

HAAS "Pummel curry comb

The Pummel curry-comb brushes everything spotless

Size: 165 x 100 mm

5.20 *

Rubber nub groom fine or coarse

Product no.: GR 190070

Small or coarse groomer

With soft handle

For pre-cleaning and pre-cleaning, or gentle cleansing and massage

9.95 *

Iron comb

Product no.: GR 190067

Iron Curtains - Reform comb

Oval toothed rack made of sturdy metal

Size: approx. 16,5 x 9,5 cm

4.65 *
In stock

New Cleaning devil brush

Product no.: Pro 6003

Putzteufel cleaning brush

Colorful bristles for intensive cleaning

Size: approx. 18 x 7.5cm

6.00 *
9.25 €
You save 35 %
In stock


Product no.: GR 190183

FURminator is the ideal helper for horse skin care

Edge length 12.7 cm

Reduces hair by up to 90%

49.95 *
59.90 €
Current daily price
You save 17 %

Haas "Pin hedgehogs" Needle tines

Product no.: GR 190160

Haas "Pin hedgehogs"

Ideal for massage and care.

in children or adult sizes 

2.75 *
1 piece(s) = 2.25 €

Haas "Putzi soft"

Product no.: GR 190146

Putzi from HAAS

brush with a screwed hedgehog on one side and soft bristles on the other

Material cutlery: horsehair mixture

7.85 *

children's grooming brush "New Generation"

Product no.: GR 190132

Haas children's grooming brush "New Generation"

Soft, child-sized curry comb - WITHOUT harmful softeners!

size: 130 x 80 mm

4.65 *

Haas Cleaning Set "Go4Gold Set"

Product no.: GR 190101

Haas Cleaning Set "Go4Gold Set"

Golden harness and golden harness for the winner!

Rosshaar harness, harness: plastic

16.95 *
In stock

Grooming brush "New Generation"

Product no.: GR 190159

Haas grooming brush "New Generation" soft

Soft, child-sized curry comb - WITHOUT harmful softeners!

size: 160 x 150 mm

5.35 *

rubber curry comb

Product no.: GR 190060

flexible rubber ledger

medium hardness, in two sizes

Oval shape with hand strap for children or adults

2.45 *

Plastic harrow with hand loop

Product no.: GR 190066

Plastic harrow with adjustable hand strap

Oval plastic serrated harrow

size: approx 16 x 19 cm

1.45 *

fur remover

Product no.: GR 190074

Coat hair remover for the regular coat care of your pet.

ergonomically shaped handle and rubber lamellae on the sides

size 15 x 10cm

24.95 *
24.95 €
Current daily price

Easter Sweat Knife

Product no.: GR 190057

Easter Sweat Knife

    curved shape adapts well to the body
    unique soft edge removes dirt and water

7.00 *

Cleaning glove with brush and nubs

Product no.: GR 190054

Cleaning glove with brush and nubs

Pleasant massage for your horse!

is made of soft plastic

3.95 *
In stock

Welding knife, straight

Product no.: GR 190075

Welding knife straight
 with two plastic handles
 heavy type

6.30 *

Foam harrow - welding wiper

Product no.: Pro 121-003

Foam harrow - welding wiper

made of plastic, slightly curved with rubber attachment

Length: approx. 21 cm

3.95 *
4.95 €
You save 20 %
In stock

Magic Brush soft

Product no.: GR 190244

Magic Brush Soft is the new care and cuddle brush
for the particularly sensitive areas of horses and ponies

In many different colors

6.95 *
In stock

New Heart shaped rubber curry comb

Product no.: USG 16100035

Heart shaped rubber curry comb

soft and handy

color pink or purple

Dimensions: ∅ 10cm

1.70 *
In stock
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