High quality horse halters and cords also with names !!

Sizes from Minishetty foals to draft

Cords in different materials & lengths from 2m to 6m

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embroidered halter "easy"

Product no.: Pro 5012 Halfter easy

Embroidered with Name

Sizes: MiniShetty Foal, Shetty Foal, Mini Shetty, Shetty, Pony, Foal, Yearling, Cob, Full, Cold Blood

19.95 *

Stallhalter 2-way adjustable

Product no.: Pro 5012

Double-stitched nylon halter

Sizes: Minifoal, MiniShetland, Foal, Yearling, Shetland, Donkey, Pony, Cob, Haflinger, Icelanders, Full, Draft

3.50 *
9.95 €
You save 65 %
In stock

Maxi draft halter

Product no.: Pro 5029

Very stable, extra wide (4 cm) nylon halter,

Color: black with white stripes

Especially for draft horses and extra large draft

19.95 *
In stock

nylon halter Sun & moon

Product no.: Pro 5022

Nylon halter Sun & Moon with black, soft nubuck leather underneath

Colors: black red (sun), black blue (moon)

Size: Shetland - draft

9.00 *
11.85 €
You save 24 %
In stock

Safety reflectors Draft halter

Product no.: Pro 5029 R

Safety halter with reflective stripes

ideal for more "to be seen" in the dark

Cold blood and large warmblood, large cold blood

22.95 *
In stock

fleece halter "4you" with name

Product no.: Pro 5024 Druck

Stable outdoor fleece halter "4you" with name

with fleece on nose and neck

Sizes: MiniShetland up to Draft

17.95 *
In stock

Draft leather holster

Product no.: Pro 5001 SO XXL

Very strong, extra wide leather halter

Adjustable, chromed fittings

Cold blood size normal and for large cold blood horses;

47.95 *
In stock


Product no.: Pro 5011

Nodal holder made of high quality nylon fabric,

Variably adjustable by knots;

Suitable for cob, full

6.00 *
9.95 €
You save 40 %
In stock

Knothalter & Rope

Product no.: Pro 5011 STR

Knot halter made of high-quality professional material in 8mm thickness

with detachable lead rope

suitable for warm blood, whole blood 

12.00 *
14.95 €
You save 20 %
In stock

Shetland knot halter

Product no.: Pro 5011 SH

Extra small Shetty knot holster in professional trainer quality

stable nylon fabric, variable adjustable by knots;

Size: Minshetty, Shetty

8.00 *
14.95 €
You save 46 %
In stock

draft knot holder

Product no.: Pro 5011 KB

Cold blood knot halter in professional trainer quality

ideal for ground work

high-quality, heavy material in 8mm thickness

8.00 *
19.95 €
You save 60 %
In stock

Colorful knotted halter

Product no.: Pro 5011 Mc

Colorful knotted halter

Robust soft nylon fabric, adjustable by knots;

Size: whole blood, warm blood

8.00 *
15.95 €
You save 50 %
In stock
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