Saddle covers

Saddle covers

Optimal protection for the gentle storage or storage of your saddle.

Different model for english spring and dressage saddles And Western Saddles.

With exclusive horse motif designed by the artist Christina Bötzel

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Saddle cover Fairytale

Product no.: EQ 622 40

Protection EQuiment saddle protector, stirrup overcoat, helmet protection

keeps moisture, dirt and dust away

with exclusive motif Fairytale

39.95 *
1 piece(s) = 19.95 €

Tekna Quik Change Head iron jumping

Product no.: USG 17050006

Tekna Quik Change Head iron jumping

suitable for Letek and Tekna JUMPING saddles

for saddles with a number higher than 120718096

29.95 *

EQuest saddle cover grumbling unicorn

Product no.: EQ 622494

Saddle cover Grummel unicorn

Protective cover with elastic band, suitable for all saddle types dressage and jumping.

43.95 *
1 piece(s) = 21.95 €

Exclusive saddle cover Cowboy or Cowgirl

Product no.: HiTack+ 5660

Exclusive saddle covers Cowboy or Cowgirl

Colour: navy, brown, black, purple

suitable for western saddle with horn

23.95 *

Saddle seat made of lambskin

Product no.: GR 380042

aus hochwertigem, echten australischen Merino-Lammfell

passend für alle gängigen Englischsättel

in zwei Größen

42.90 *

Lambskin seat back cover Western

Saddle seat with horn cutout

Made of dense and durable Australian Merino lambskin

different colors

79.90 *
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