Washing Instructions Lambskin

Washing Instructions Lambskin

Angel lambskin products are made of genuine Australian Merino lambskin. This wool has a high self-cleaning effect.

If it is necessary to remove more soiling, we recommend washing the machine according to the following rules:

Washing in a gentle wash at 30 degrees Celcius using a fur wash. Do not spin the product!

Dry the fur product at room temperature (not on the heating and not in the sun).

Drying should be done 2-3 days.

Dry the fur coat 3-4 times during drying.

Please do not put your lambskin product in the dryer!

In general, it should be noted that a fur product should be washed as little as possible. The leather is deprived of the natural fat content during each washing process.

We accept no guarantee for incorrect washing