Longen accessories

Longen accessories

Practical lancing accessories such as
Saddle belt extenders, saddle straps and protectors

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Saddle belt extender

Product no.: Pro 1101 V

Stable black nylon extension

Length: approx. 20 cm, width approx. 7,5 cm

With two stainless steel buckles

And two straps of 17cm each

5.00 *
6.90 €
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Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes

Product no.: Pro 2604

Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes with swivel and hook

for buckling into the bit rings

Material: nylon

4.50 *
5.95 €
You save 24 %
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Belly girth for lunging and vaulting girth

Product no.: Pro 2701-67107 fw

substitute Leather belted belt for vaulting straps

belly girth, leather, for lunging and vaulting girth

As a substitute or supplement

In different sizes

29.95 *
1 piece(s) = 14.95 €
In stock

Saddle belt cover made of Teddyfell

Product no.: Pro 1104

Saddle belt cover made of Teddyfell

Color: black, white, length 90cm

The belt is simply pulled through

13.90 *
In stock

Lunging and training system

Product no.: HG 1460 0003

Lunging and training system

It is ideal for strengthening the back muscles

Sizes : Pony - Thoroughbred, Thoroughbred - Warmblood

43.95 *

Curved neoprene short strap

Product no.: GR 200032 Anatomic-elastic-

The curved shape provides optimal freedom of movement for the front

Additional padding in the chest area

Size: 40-85 cm, color: black

32.95 *

Saddle belt cover genuine lambskin

Product no.: Engel BAGU

Saddle girth cover made of genuine lambskin

length 60x12cm, 60x15cm, 80x12cm; 80x15cm

in different colours


49.95 *
1 piece(s) = 29.95 €

CoraLe training system

Product no.: USG 1460 0004

CoraLe Training System

can be individually adapted to each horse.

The length is adjustable from 1.50 to 3 meters. 

16.95 *

Neoprene short belt "Basic

Product no.: GR 200031 Basic

Neoprene short belt "Basic optimal freedom of movement for the front

Additional padding in the chest area

Size: 35 - 85 cm, color: black

36.95 *

Agility set for horses

Product no.: USG 1520 0007

Agility set for horses


6 pylons, 1 large horse play ball, 1 horse play ball 

64.95 *

floor rod

Product no.: USG 1520 0004

Floor working bar Soft,

Dimensions approx. 9.5 x 9.5 x 300 cm.

perfect for working from the ground

39.95 *
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