Disinfection & Skin Protection

Disinfection & Skin Protection

Effective agents against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Indispensable for disinfection in the barn.

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Disinfection Spray Against viruses, bacteria

Product no.: Bense 1901

Disinfection spray from Parisol

Against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Optimal protection for humans and animals.

200 ml spray can

10.00 *
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Parisol Zinc Oxide Ointment Spray

Product no.: GR 390138

Parisol Zinc Oxide Ointment Spray - highly effective skin protection spray

Spray 200 ml

Creates a breathable and flexible film

9.50 *

Parisol Silverspray

Product no.: GR 390173

Parisol Silverspray - Aluminum-containing, breathable spraying film
Spray 200 ml

Creates a breathable and flexible film

9.95 *

Parisol Maukosan

Product no.: Bense 1920

Parisol Maukosan

Special gel for care in skin and radiation problems, especially in the area of the tether. Useful for moist skin.

16.95 *

Parisol SkinDoc

Product no.: Bense 1930

Parisol SkinDoc -

Sizes: 100ml

Proven mousse with MicroSilver BG ™ for the skin regeneration of irritated, dry and irritated skin.

19.95 *

Enja´s # First aid 100ml

Product no.: GR 390270

Enja´s First aid

 for small wounds and skin irritations - 100% natural.

100 ml spray bottle

19.95 *
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Parisol cod liver oil

Product no.: GR 390133

Parisol Cod liver oil - old tried and tested skin protection ointment

Sizes: 250ml can

also to support in badly healing wounds.

13.95 *

Zora's #Magical mouth with rosemary 100 ml

Product no.: Bense 8165

Zora's #Magical mouth with rosemary 100 ml

ideale skin care Milking fat with rosemary

no preservatives 

3.46 *
3.85 €
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Parisol Anti-Itch

Product no.: GR 390071

Parisol Anti-Itch Against itching & cough
aloe vera, tea tree & lavender oil, and much more
Size: Spray bottle 500ml, 2,5l canister

16.95 *

EQUIDOUX Tincture against scrub

Product no.: GR 390069

EQUIDOUX Tincture against tail and mane scrub

For fur, tail and mane

Size: Spray bottle 500ml, 5l canister

16.95 *

Parisol milking fat

Parisol Melkfett - Old tried and tested skin protection ointment

Sizes: 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml

The mild skin care with rosemary

3.40 *
3.85 €
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Felix # itch pony spray 500ml

Felix # itch pony spray

for a scrub-free horse life - 100% natural.

500 ml Extra Quiet spray bottle by Bense & Eicke

4.95 *

Aluminum spray 200ml

Product no.: FF 010090

Aluspray by pharmaka Horse fitform

Respiratory active, film-forming aluminum micronisate spray

Spray 200ml

19.95 *
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