Care products for the coat and the mane,

such as horse shampoo, skin care and anti-zipping

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Parisol HairFine - soap from the jute bag

Product no.: Bense 5710

Parisol HaarFein - 100% natural soap.

The long hair becomes clean, shiny and easy to comb - with long-term effect.

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Lili´s # Pony foam bath 500ml

Product no.: Bense 8149

Lili´s # Pony foam bath

Perfect care and combability of mane, tail and coat - 100% natural.

500 ml bottle

6.95 *
1 piece(s) = 2.30 €

New Care products from Bense&Eicke/Parisol

Product no.: Bense 0004

Horse shop Tasting action

Care products from Bense and Eicke /Parisol in small packages

ideal for off the beaten track or to try out

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1 piece(s) = 2.00 €
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Soap magic 100g in a jute bag

Product no.: GR 390266

#Heart soap - 100 % natural

in heart shape with rosé golden shimmer

for perfectly washed and super combable mane, tail and coat

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11.95 €
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Parisol shampoo with fur luster

Product no.: Bense 921

Parisol Shampoo with coat shine

Choice of herbs, cassis or tea tree oil

Available sizes: 500 ml bottle

6.95 *

Parisol Horse shampoo

Parisol Shampoo with coat shine

Choice of herbs, cassis or tea tree oil

Tasting sizes: 50ml

2.30 *
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New Parisol Jonny's #stain remover

Parisol Jonny's #stain remover 

For scrubbing stain away.... Ideal for mold & stain animals

100% soap handmade & natural 

8.50 *

New Horse soap Jonny's #skinhelp

Product no.: Bense 8137

Horse soap Jonny's #skinhelp

with tea tree oil, chamomile & healing earth

Mild cleaning and care for mallenders, eczema & sensitive skin

9.95 *
1 piece(s) = 8.50 €

EQUISTAR Fur coat, tail and mane spray

Product no.: GR 390219

Fur coat, tail and mane spray

THE ORIGINAL, which is trusted throughout the world.

Contents: 250ml, 750ml, 2l, 5l, 10l, 25l, 50l

6.60 *

EQUICLEAN Spezialshampoo Robust&Sensitiv

Product no.: GR 390127

EQUICLEAN Robust & Sensitive for robust horses!

Special horse shampoo against dandruff

sizes: 500 ml, 2l, 5 l, from 10l

8.95 *

EQUIGOLD Standard Pferdeshampoo

Product no.: GR 390116

EQUIGOLD standard horse shampoo

Particularly mild and gentle with natural refatting components

Available sizes: 500 ml, 5 l, 10l.

7.95 *

EQUIGOLD Premium Pferdeshampoo

Product no.: GR 390237

EQUIGOLD Premium Horse Shampoo

For extra light - care - volume - naturally perfume free

Available sizes: 500 ml, 1l, 5 l, 10l

8.55 *
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Parisol Skin Fine in Jute Bag

Product no.: Bense5720

Parisol Skin Fine in Jute Bag

100 % natural soap

Also for supportive care of mallow and sweet itch.

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