Lunging & Vaulting

Lunging & Vaulting for Shetty

Lunging & Vaulting for Shetty

Voltigiergurt, Lungiergurt and lunge

made of high quality materials

In professional quality

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shetland cavesson

Product no.: Pro 2610 SH

shetland Cavesson

with soft leather padded noseband,

very suitable for dressage work, ground work and for lungeing

39.95 *
In stock

Red Vaulting Belt for Shettys

Product no.: Pro 2701 SHR

Red Vaulting Belt for Shetland ponys

In good leather quality;With two round handles;

With separate waist belt

94.95 *

Length adjustable lunge

Product no.: Pro 2615

Length adjustable

Separate leather-reinforced waistbelt

Sizes: Shetty, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Cold Blood

33.95 *

New Vaulting strap with round handles

Product no.: Pro 2701

Vaulting strap with round handles

With separate leather belly

Size: Shetty, Pony, Warmblood, Cold Blood

91.90 *
1 piece(s) = 79.95 €

Biothane - Longe 9m

Product no.: Art. 0024 Biothane Longe

Biothane - Longe 9m

Made of stable, tear-resistant, weather-resistant biothane;

With exchangeable hook

39.90 *
In stock

Horsesshop beltlonge in desired color

Product no.: Bänder 24 PPGurt

Horseshop Gurtlonge as a custom-made product

Length, color and width variable

Production on order

5.50 *
1 piece(s) = 8.50 €
In stock

Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes

Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes with swivel and hook

for buckling into the bit rings

Material: nylon

5.95 *

Miniline Shetty Longe

Product no.: GR 170005

The Longe for miniature horses, Minishetty and Shetty !!!

     Length 4,50 m

Colors: red, blue, black, green

7.95 *
In stock

Braided Rope - 9m

Product no.: Pro 2603L

Exclusive three-color braided lunge-rope

Leather front, with replaceable snap hook
Length: approx. 9 m

29.85 *

Ground work rope Westernrope with bullsnap

Product no.: GR 270174

Ground work knit Western-Rope Lime with Bullsnap

Spiral-braided mid-weight working knit in fresh color

Length: 4.25m; 14 ft

22.95 *
In stock

Shetland Pony Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes

smaler Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes with swivel and hook

for buckling into the bit rings

(11cm) + Hook (je 5cm)

4.95 *

Soft * Longe for Shettys 4,5m

Product no.: Pro 2601 SLSH

Extra short Soft * Longe for small horses

Made of soft, firm, sturdy cotton material;

With handrail and swirl length approx. 4,50 m

12.95 *
14.90 €
You save 13 %

Biothane yard goods

Product no.: Biothane Meterware

Biothane yard goods

19mm width, 2,5mm thickness(others by arrangement)

Length and colour by arrangement

2.95 / m *
1 m = 5.90 €
In stock

Westernrope "RED Bull" with Bullsnap

Product no.: GR 270061

Westernrope "RED Bull" with Bullsnap

Spiral-braided knitwork knit with a fixed inner core

Length: 4.5m, Diameter: 18mm,

18.95 *
In stock

Neck ring

Product no.: HiTack 1551

Neck ring

For riding with ring as a varied training unit

The ring as a complement to bridle and bridle works little miracles

19.95 *

Adjustable Neck ring

Product no.: HG 15200002

Adjustable neck ring

is therefore suitable for all horses and ponies.

the ring as addition to bridle and reins works small miracles. 

17.95 *
In stock

Adjustable Neck ring Soft

Product no.: HG 15200003

Adjustable neck ring soft

it is perfectly suitable for ground and free work

diameter: 15mm; length: 90cm

12.95 *
In stock

New Lunging belt USG for Mini Shetty

Product no.: USG 14600010

Lunging belt  für Mini Shetty

Extra for miniature horses and minishettys

WEICH underlaid, with many rings

29.95 *
In stock

New Lunging pad USG

Product no.: USG 1140 0007

Lunging belt underlay USG

Pony: length: 82cm - width: 22cm; Cob/Full: length: 117 cm - width: 29 cm

underlaid with soft teddy fur

17.95 *
In stock
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