Disinfection Spray Against viruses, bacteria

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Disinfection spray from Parisol

Against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Indispensable agent for disinfecting hands, surfaces, doors, stable and accessories.

Optimal protection for humans and animals.

200 ml spray can

Rough disinfection - destroys pathogens

Disinfection spray is a biocide in ready-to-use aerosol preparation.
It reliably and safely destroys bacteria, viruses and moulds.
It adheres well and is suitable for the gentle disinfection of hands, surfaces, door handles, etc.

Application: Shake the can briefly and then spray the surface to be treated from a distance of approx. 30 cm (test for product compatibility beforehand in an inconspicuous place if necessary). The optimum application rate is a spray burst of 2 seconds (corresponding to 2-3 ml) per square meter.
The optimum application time is 2 minutes, but can be increased to up to 10 minutes if deep disinfection is desired. After drying of the product film no post-treatment is necessary.


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