EQuest Halter Regular in color of your choice

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More individually it hardly goes more....

EQuest Halter Regular in your color and style

Embroidery possible

high-quality 2-fold adjustable willow and stable halter

as plus version with color-coordinated pads on nose & headpiece (extra charge)

as deluxe version with natural or black lambskin pads on nose & headpiece (extra charge)

    25 mm polypropylene webbing is particularly durable and tear-resistant.
    The material is antibacterial, has a high tensile strength
    very low water absorption
    the sliding buckle allows the halter to be ideally adjusted to the horse's head.

"Super Soft" quality, comfortable soft material

super optics by fittings in desired color: brass finish, nickel finish possible

sizes: XS Pony small,S Pony,M Cob / Thoroughbred,L Full / Warmblood, XL Cob / Cold

1. color as desired: please indicate color name and number under remark to the order or by mail

2. fitting color brass finish, nickel finish - fitting carabiner

3. choose between without padding, with color-coordinated padding or with lambskin

4. embroidery with names/lettering possible for an additional charge, enter your wish under remarks to the order and add name embroidery additionally

Upholstery halter fitting color as desired brass finish, nickel finish

lambskin halter color as desired brass finish, nickel finish + lambskin natural or black

decent solid colors 050Grey, 080Anthracite, 130Caramel, 170Mud, 180Cinnamon, 220 Yellow, 260Apricot, 270Orange, 320Rose, 330Pink, 340Lilac, 345Berry, 350Red,360 ViolaRed, 375Purple, 390Bordaux, 530Light Blue, 540Azure, 550RoyalBlue, 565Cobalt, 590Navy, 580Petrol, 720Mint, 730Apple,750Green,755PabstGreen, 780BottleGreen, 790 Olive, 190Mocca, 099Black

cheerful multicolor halter, e.g. see attached color chart or ... 415Chestnut, 916 Garnet, 623 Sunrise, 921 Iceland, 897 Graphite, 621 Royal Summer, 982 America, 802 NavyGrey, 803 Grey Sky, 831 Navy Light Blue, 910 Sky, 818 Navy Caramel, 409 Marbel Blue, 901 Oslo, 402 Nature, 813 Green Caramel, 811 Black Caramel, 801 Grey Black, 408 Lalic Black, 904 Color

Equest articles are made to order and therefore have a delivery time of 2-3 weeks


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