Product no.: GR 200001

This Spanish saddle is a real beauty.
ideal for dressage and terrain

Classic handcrafted from oiled leather.

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Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R1

Treeless Fur Saddle Pony

for particularly intense riding sensation

Almost any horse can be ridden with the fur saddle

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Product no.: G 200002 Aspect

Smooth leather look, inside seat with Teddyfell

Color: brown - light brown

Size: Full 18 ", Cob 16", Pony 14 "

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Product no.: GR 200004 expert

Synthetic saddle Size: 18 "

Including strap 70cm and stirrup strap

black, brown, red, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange

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Product no.: Engel FELLSA-R3

Treeless Angel Lambskin Saddle

for freedom of movement

Especially suitable for horses that are still muscularly strongly changing.

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Product no.: GR 990276

Accessories for the Spanish saddle

Classically handcrafted from oiled leather

Brass stirrup, crupper, saddle girth

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