Product no.: Sprenger Kaltblut Sonderanfertigung

Sprenger Stainless steel post curb for Draft

thickness 16mm - width 185mm

with movable side parts

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Product no.: Sprenger 43172

KK ULTRA Double broken Liverpool curb

Thickness 18mm - Material Sensogan

width 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm

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Product no.: Sprenger 4316812588

HO Liverpool curb with a slight freedom of tongue

Width 125mm, 135mm,

Thickness 19mm Material Aurigan

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Product no.: Sprenger 4314412556

Liverpool curb bit with slight tongue clearance

Size: 125mm, 135mm, 145mm

fixed side parts made of stainless steel

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Product no.: Sprenger 43179

CM Liverpool curb bit 16 mm - Sensogan

Size 125mm, 135mm, 145mm

Thickness 16mm with fixed side panels


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Product no.: Sprenger 43188

KK Liverpool curb bit 18 mm - Sensogan

fixed side parts with 2 slots

Size 120mm, 130mm, 140mm

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Product no.: Sprenger 4314613540

Liverpool curb bit with curved mouthpiece

Width 135mm, 145mm

Thickness 16 mm Material Argentan

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