horse halter

horse halter designen

horse halter designen

Sizes from Minishetty foals to draft

Horsehalter with individual embroidery

Wide selection of different models

Add accents with Swarovski crystals

embroidery designs[1

embroidery designs[1

Choice of fonts, font color, logos for your individual print motif
to personalize horse accessories, cuddly blankets, dog pillows, towels, halters, shirts, etc.



Here the selection of fonts, font colours, logos etc. is possible.

to personalize horse accessories, cuddly blankets, dog pillows, towels, halters, shirts, etc


Swarovski Elements

Swarovski Elements

exceptional accessory that beautiful sparkles ....
Discover Swarovski crystals for your own design

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New fleece halter "4you" with name

Product no.: Pro 5024 Druck

Stable outdoor fleece halter "4you" with name

with fleece on nose and neck

Sizes: MiniShetland up to Draft

14.95 *
Current daily price
In stock

Halters & Rope Sugar

Product no.: GR 180001 Special Edition

Halter Special Edition

Size: MiniShetty, Shetty, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Cold blood

covered with neoprene or teddy fur + Swarovski Elements


14.95 / set(s) *
In stock

embroidered halter "easy"

Product no.: Pro 5012 Halfter easy

Embroidered with Name

Sizes: MiniShetty Foal, Shetty Foal, Mini Shetty, Shetty, Pony, Foal, Yearling, Cob, Full, Cold Blood

19.95 *
Current daily price
In stock

embroidered halter Hamilton

Product no.: HiTack 1367

Hamilton halter embroidered with your name

With lifelong warranty

Sizes: Minishetland Pony, Shetlandpony, Foal, Pony, Cob, Full, Draft

54.95 *
In stock

fleece halter

Product no.: GR 990298

Stable and pasture holder with wide soft polarfleece

Adjustable on the side of the neck

Sizes: Shetty, Cob, Full

4.95 *
Current daily price

Longe ideal for name embroidery

Product no.: Pro 2602

Longe ideal for name embroidery

Also great as a drag line for dogs

Length 8,5 m; Different colors, with carabiner

9.95 *

Soft * Knit incl. Embroidery name

Product no.: Pro 5101 mit Namen

Soft * Knitted with your desired name

Length 2 m, Fancy NEW !!!! Colors

Additional accents with Swarovski Elements

12.95 *
In stock

Horsesshop beltlonge in desired color

Product no.: Bänder 24 PPGurt

Horseshop Gurtlonge as a custom-made product

Length, color and width variable

Production on order

5.50 *
1 piece(s) = 8.50 €
In stock
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