Lambskin leg protector Draft

Lambskin leg protector Draft

Lambskin leg protector Draft

ideal leg protection with lambskin

for work and transport

in different versions and different colours

Here you will find everything from bandages, gaiters, string caps to hoof bells.

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Engels Lambskin bandages

Product no.: Engel BANDAGE

Angel lambskin bandages

protects horse legs and tendons from injuries.

The shock-absorbing and breathable bands are 40x32 cm.

48.95 *

Engels Lambskin fetlock boots inlays

Product no.: Engel GAMA2

Shock absorbing inserts made of lambskin protect against injuries

are antibacterial and reduce pressure and friction

Sale in pairs

21.95 *

Hoof bells with lambskin

Hoof bells with lambskin, 2 pieces

Sold in pairs, sizes: S, M, L, XL

The optimum protection for the sensitive bales

34.95 *
1 piece(s) = 17.48 €
In stock

Angel gaiters

Product no.: Engel Gama1

Gaiter insoles protect horse legs from injuries.

The breathable insoles reduce pressure and friction.

Sale single , Sizes: Pony , Warmblood

12.00 *
In stock
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