driving blankets

driving blankets

Horse blankets especially for the driving sport
Reflective ceilings for better visibility, ceilings for the wet season

trestle blankets for the driver, kidney blankets or working harness


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Driving reflex blanket for working harnesses

Product no.: Pro 7267

Neon reflective travelling ceiling for working harnesses

water-repellent, windproof, breathable

Size : Cold blood  

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84.95 €
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Driving reflex blanket

Product no.: Pro 7265 PVW

breathable, wind- and water-repellent Reflex road surface

Colours : neon

Size : Minishetty to cold-blooded  

60.00 *
74.95 €
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Swiss Reflex Bib for driving gear

Product no.: Pro 4030

Swiss Reflex Bib for driving gear

Attachment to collar / breastplate and straps for lamps

Size : Shetty, Warmblood

16.95 *
1 piece(s) = 24.95 €
In stock

Reflex Reflector Blanket USG

Product no.: USG 1320 0008

Reflector Blanket USG

blanket offers protection in the dark season

with tail cord, large saddle neckline and wide velcro in front of it

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22.95 €
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