Feeding brake, feeding pack & neck straps

Feeding brake, feeding pack & neck straps

Feeding brake, feeding pack & neck straps

Feeding brake, feed pack for regulating the feed portion

Neck straps are versatile Can be used

For the most diverse requirements

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Closed hay pack

Product no.: GR 230114

Closed hay pack for feeding during transport, tunic

Dimensions without filling: approx. 65 x 50 cm

Capacity: approx. 7.5 liters of hay

15.65 *
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Food bag

Product no.: Pro E 9780*

Canvas bag made of sturdy Natural color canvas,

With breathing holes;

With adjustable neck section

13.95 *
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Neck strap for cold blood

Product no.: GR 180072

Neck strap made of nylon for cold-blooded animals

solid fittings, extra large D-ring

Colour: black-red

6.95 *
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Collar of nylon

Product no.: Pro 5016

Collar of nylon

Adjustable from approx. 84 cm to length: approx. 115 cm

Belt width: 5 cm Color: black

6.50 *
9.90 €
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Neck strap of chrome leather

Product no.: Pro 5015

Very stable neck strap made of chrome leather

Length: approx. 115cm; Width: 5cm Color: light

Stable D-ring for attaching the knit

20.00 *
29.90 €
1 piece(s) = 15.00 €
You save 33 %
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Muzzle Nylon

Product no.: GR 230054

stable muzzle Nylon

Adjustable on the throat strap by means of sliding buckles;

Sizes pony or warm blood / whole blood

22.90 *

Canvas lining bag

Product no.: Pro E 9780

Canvas lining bag...

large breathing hole with mesh fabric;

steplessly adjustable headpiece

11.95 *
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