Pelham for riding and jumping in different designs and materials,

sizes from 10,5 to 19,5 cm

In jumping, the pelham is often used, it combines the curb bit and the water snaffle.  On the one hand, the action can be as with the water snaffle, on the other hand, they can also be attached to the elevators, this also creates a leverage effect as with the curb bit.

All Pelham Sprenger bits can be ordered separately

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Flat chin chain hook

Product no.: Pro 7162 HFL 64749

Flat security hook stainless steel

suitable for all Kandarén, e.g. Liverpool and Postcandars

Sale: per piece

4.45 *
6.45 €
You save 31 %
In stock

Draft Chin chain 26cm

Product no.: Pro 7162 Kette

Chin chain with 13 chain links

Stainless steel, Accessory for harness

Length: 26cm , wide 2,4cm

9.95 *
In stock

Broken stainless steel Pelham

Product no.: GR 280019E

Broken stainless steel Pelham

Including hook and chin chain

Available Options: 11.5; 12.5; 13.5; 14.5; 15.5; 16.5; 17.5 and 18.5 cm

25.95 *

broken Pelham

Product no.: GR 280019

Pelham made of stainless steel

Argentan or steel

Available Options:
12,5 - 18,5 cm

29.95 *

double Chin chain 22cm

Product no.: Pro Pro 7162 kleine Kette

Accessory part for harness bits

Chin chain with 24 links

lengths: 22cm, width 1,5cm

6.00 *
In stock
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