Collars, harnesses, linen of Tau & Textil

Collars, harnesses, linen of Tau & Textil

As a family-run manufacturer, Hunter sets high-quality production methods for collars, harnesses and lines. The different raw materials are chosen with utmost care and processed to fashionable accessories by high standards of craftsmanship perfection.

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Hunter collar with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS

Product no.: Hunter 47780 Softie

Leather collar with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS

Size 50, 55, 60, 65 and various colors available

By Hunter

19.95 *
1 piece(s) = 30.00 €
In stock

collar List from Hunter

Product no.: Hunter 64720 List

Dressur collar Freestyle by Hunter

Is modeled on the look of a sail and is ideal for any application

Size 50, 60, 70 different colors

30.90 *

Hunter Neckband Divo

Product no.: Hunter 67585

Hunter collar Divo

comfortable padding with soft, breathable mesh material

size S, M, L, XL in different colors

26.00 *
1 piece(s) = 16.00 €

Dog Collars Softie Stars

Product no.: H 60243 SoftieStars

Visually beautiful artificial leather collar Softie Stars

Length: 50cm Height: approx. 6cm

Felt neckband with buckle

57.95 *
1 piece(s) = 62.50 €

Necking List from Hunter

Product no.: Hunter 65922 List

Necking List of Hunter

in ship's rope look convinces with a sophisticated combination of function and design

Size 40, 45 different colours

18.95 *

Adjustable Leash List

Product no.: Hunter 65924 List

Adjustable Leash List by Hunter

a robust piece of accessories for daily use

Length 200 cm in various thicknesses and colours

40.90 *
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