CatSleeping places

CatSleeping places

Cats sleep or doze up to 16 hours a day, preferably cosily warm and soft. Whether open resting place or cosy cave - your velvet paw will be grateful for a nice place to sleep!

We have great baskets, comfortable pillows and soft blankets (also to cover up).

HUNTER places high demands on the quality of the products. HUNTER shows particularly creativity in the mainly self-developed and modern designs. Young designers always put new ideas and suggestions into practice and thus create a comprehensive and guaranteed comfortable pillow assortment.

We can embroider many blankets, of course.

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Cuddly Basket White Dots

Product no.: Hunter 44737

Hunter Cuddle Basket White Dots

Size : 40 x 40 cm, 100% polyester

soft and cuddly inside..

39.95 *

Cat and dog bed Ballina ∅ 60 cm

Product no.: Hunter 65324 Ballina

Cat and dog bed Ballina

Size: ∅ 60 cm, extra high

lavishly padded round pillow with cuddle cave

75.00 *
99.95 €
You save 25 %

Hunter dog bed Bristol

Product no.: Hunter 65116

Hunter Series Bristol Cushions, Baskets and Blankets
Colour petrol, light grey or anthracite

all washable at 30 °C

159.00 *

Hunter Dog sofa Prague Easy Clean

Product no.: Hunter 67176 Prag

Hunter dog sofa Prague Easy Clean

Colour pink/anthracite, dark blue, grey

dirt-repellent EASY CLEAN technology

59.95 *
1 piece(s) = 75.00 €

Dog sofa Palma from HUNTER

Product no.: Hunter 67695 Palma

Dog sofa Palma by HUNTER

reversible inner cushion and washable

Dimensions S 60 x 45 cm, M 60 x 45 cm, L  100 x 70 cm

159.90 *
1 piece(s) = 79.90 €

Hunter dogs sofa, pillow and blanket List

Hunter Series List as dog sofa, blanket and cushion.

Waterproof and antibacterial

matching collars, leashes and bowls are available 

80.00 *
89.95 €
You save 11 %

Hunter Series Aarhus Sofa, Cushion Blanket

Product no.: Hunter 65347 Aarhus

Hunter Series Aarhus Dog Sofa, Cushion and Blanket 

Protective waterproof and antibacterial finish 

58.95 *
72.95 €
1 piece(s) = 60.00 €
You save 19 %

Hunter Series Astana Sofa, Cushion Blanket

Product no.: Hunter 61927 Astana

Hunter Series Astana Dog Sofa, Cushion and Blanket 

Protective waterproof and antibacterial finish 

39.95 *
1 piece(s) = 49.95 €

Hunter Series Lancaster sofa and quilt

Product no.: Hunter 65044 Lancaster

Hunter Series Lancaster sofa,Pillow and quilt

Sizes from XS to XL, Colours grey, brown or red

washing machine at 30 °C

99.95 *
1 piece(s) = 49.95 €

Dog and cat cave Lugano Ø 55cm

Product no.: Hunter 65269 Lugano

Dog and cat cave Lugano

with removable inner cushion foldable also usable as a bed

Size : Ø 55cm

52.50 *

Hunter Cat Basket Graz ∅ 50cm

Product no.: Hunter 66015 Graz

Hunter Cat Basket Graz ∅ 50cm

rope basket + reversible inner cushion

matching feeding bowl Graz

69.95 *

Cat tunnel Lille

Product no.: Hunter 65319

Hunter Cat Tunnel Lille

size 75 x 50 cm made of felt

Can be used as a tunnel and also as a mat for lying down

49.95 *

Hunter Series Bologna Sofa and Cushion

Product no.: Hunter 67183

Hunter Series Bologna Sofa and Cushion

Size : S, M, L, XL  colour stone, brown or black

covers washable at 30 °C

59.95 *
1 piece(s) = 69.90 €

Hunter Dog Mat Fully

Product no.: Hunter 67534 Fully

Hunter Dog Mat Fully

Padding for dog bed or transport box

Size: M, L, XL in brown or black

14.95 *
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