EQUIDOUX Tincture against scrub

EQUIDOUX Tincture against scrub

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EQUIDOUX Tincture against tail and mane scrub

For fur, tail and mane

Size: Spray bottle 500ml, 5l canister

Here is a revolutionary as well as skin-friendly solution against tail, mane and fur coats:
EQUIDOUX is a tincture which can safely be used against scrubbing of tail, mane and fur, as long as it is not caused by disease. With EQUIDOUX you can quickly and reliably close your eyes with scalded tails and mane combs. Even in itching in the long chain of many baroque terraces or robust horses, it quickly unfolds its effect, so that the horses can be relaxed and without constant pounding.

EQUIDOUX is a mild cleanser with extremely beneficial properties.
Dandruff formation is also reduced by its caring ingredients.
With EQUIDOUX well-groomed skin is significantly less sensitive to external influences, which can cause itching.
Therefore, EQUIDOUX is also an excellent tool for increasing the well-being of eczemids.
Many eczemids come with regular preventive use without the known problems through the summer.
Even tournament riders swear by EQUIDOUX. For stressed mane hair, e.g. Have become brittle and brittle by frequent intercourse, EQUIDOUX is the remedy for hair-breakage. The mane becomes immediately elastic and supple again. EQUIDOUX can be applied both before braiding and after braiding. Thus, the mane is as full as at the beginning at the end of the season.

EQUIDOUX is based on selected natural active ingredients, which are processed under the strictest quality controls. The addition of unnecessary emulsifiers was dispensed with.

EQUIDOUX is absolutely non-toxic and skin-friendly.

EQUIDOUX is administered as often as possible daily to the affected sites, e.g. Swarm, mane's comb or fur, or sprayed on and massaged. For EQUIDOUX to penetrate through the long hair safely to the skin, we recommend to brush it with a needle bar or a root brush.
The effect is instantaneous.


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