coldblood Leather rains

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 high-quality cold blood reins made of soft leather

for super demanding riding

the alternative to the web reins;

smooth without leather webs but with Martingale leather sliders

width 2,2 cm or 2,5cm length ca.180cm

Colour: black


Product Note Status Price
Draft bridle *ProCheval* Draft bridle *ProCheval*
78.95 € *
draft bridle super maxi draft bridle super maxi
88.95 € *
Bridle Limited Edition Bridle Limited Edition
38.00 € *
Bridle "Middle Ages" Bridle "Middle Ages"
80.00 € *
Baroque Bridle Elegance Baroque Bridle Elegance
72.95 € *
rains with leather braces rains with leather braces
17.95 € *
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