Rheinisches collar

Rheinisches collar

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According to traditional, Rhineland-style horns (Hamen)

Including cumming pads

Delivery only on order

Delivery time approx. 6 weeks

For simplicity, the work cuffs and cushioning cuffs are divided into three categories:

K 43-51 cm; M 51.5 - 61 cm; G 61.5 - 81 cm !!!

The collars are usually available:

Fittings: chrome-plated or brass;

Kummetholz: natural, black, red, green;

Leather: black, natural, brown;

Decorative seams: red, green, black, blue

All working cuffs can be manufactured with lock and / or tension reinforcement (flat iron)!

Please specify your exact size when ordering the cumming or cumming pad;

The cuffing pads can be supplied in the thicknesses 2 cm to 5 cm;

The normal thickness of the cumming pad is approx. 3.5 cm!

Kummethaken and Kummetketten are not included in the Kummeten; Please order separately!


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