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Leather bridle * Snow *

Product no.: Pro 2036 Saskia

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English combined bridle

Brow and nose band cambered,

Made of fine leather,

Especially high quality workmanship

With stainless steel buckles,

With matching white leather tab

Color white

Sizes: Minishetty, Shetty, Pony, Thoroughbred,

Warm blood, cold blood, extra large cold blood

Dimensions extra large cold blood:
Front belt: measured 50cm to the rear
From mouth to mouth-gap 132-140 cm, we create loosely and you also have adjustment possibilities closer and further
Nose strap wideest setting 92cm tight 74cm and you can still make holes
Kehlriemen XXL Maxi 153cm with space upwards


Product Note Status Price
Bridle Limited Edition Bridle Limited Edition
38.00 € *
Extra narrow Bridle Diamond Extra narrow Bridle Diamond
49.95 € *
Bridle "Middle Ages" Bridle "Middle Ages"
80.00 € *
Baroque Bridle Classic Baroque Bridle Classic
72.95 € *
Baroque Bridle Elegance Baroque Bridle Elegance
72.95 € *
English combined bridle ❤ Vintage English combined bridle ❤ Vintage
10.00 € *
Bitless bridle "Connection" by USG Bitless bridle "Connection" by USG
50.00 € *
Bitless bridle "Trust" by USG Bitless bridle "Trust" by USG
84.95 € *
Spanish saddle Spanish saddle
500.00 € *
Versatility saddle "De River" 16" or 18" Versatility saddle "De River" 16" or 18"
169.95 € *
Angel lambskin saddlecloth Angel lambskin saddlecloth
74.95 € *
Saddle pad "Baroque" Saddle pad "Baroque"
24.95 € *
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3 - 3 of 11 results