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Westernrope Rainbow with Karabiner

Product no.: Pro W5000 fw 77287

Westernrope rainbow with  Karabiner

Soft grippy outer material, firm inner core

Length: 370cm, thickness: 18mm

23.95 *
In stock

Ground work Westernrope with bullsnap 8m

Product no.: GR 270060 Active

Groundwork knit Western-Rope with Bullsnap

soft, non-slip outer material and solid inner core

Length: 8m Ø 15mm,

21.95 *

rope 4m

Product no.: USG 15100017

Exclusive floor work rope in heavy trainer quality

with leather ends and bullsnap

Rope length: approx. 4 m

22.95 *
In stock

Westernrope Blue with Snap Karabiner

Product no.: GR 270062 Active

Westernrope Blue with Snap Karabiner

Soft grippy outer material, firm inner core

Length: 4,50m, thickness: 18mm

16.95 *
In stock

Rope 4m

Product no.: USG 15100018

Groundwork knit in heavy coach quality

With leather ends and bullsnap

Rope Length: approx. 4 m

28.95 *
In stock

Horseman Rope

Product no.: Pro W 5008

The Horseman ground work rope

Reinforced nylon knit with inner sole

With "leather clapper" and sturdy firefighter hook

37.00 *
44.95 €
You save 18 %
In stock

Training rope 4,25 m

Product no.: Pro W 5007

Training rope in proficiency

With leather ends and a sturdy, chrome-plated carabiner hook

Length: approx. 4.25 m (white with red 'dots')

29.95 *
In stock

Rope in serious proficiency

Product no.: HiTack+ 5607

Mini Rope with leather ends

and stable snap hook

Length: approx. 3.1 m different colours

17.95 *
In stock

Cotton working rope with snap carabiner

Product no.: GR 990326

Cotton working rope with snap carabiner

Colours: white, red, royal blue, dark blue, black

Width approx. 20mm, length approx. 3,10 cm

9.95 *
In stock

Pull Off - stress opener

Product no.: EQ 205 400

Pull Off - stress opener

connection between tie and halter and can be opened very quickly in an emergency thanks to the integrated Velcro

9.95 *
In stock

New Hemp knitwear as desired

Product no.: KA 10126

Hemp knitwear as desired

hemp rope from 2m

with spliced end, stainless steel thimble or open

Round double length 16m

Product no.: EQ 216 500

Round double length  16m

With swivels and interchangeable hooks;

"Centerpiece" made of belt (approx. 150 cm)

29.95 *
1 piece(s) = 3.95 €

lunge / double lunge Desired colour

Product no.: EQ 260 100 Ultimo

Soft lunge / double lunge Colour of choice

with hand loop and carabiner length ca.8 m

the double lunge has a length of 16m

29.95 *
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1 piece(s) = 3.95 €

New EQuest ground work rope Ultimo 3.5 m

Product no.: EQ 201168

EQuest ground work rope Ultimo 3.5 m

Tensile strength and low water absorption

length 3,50m; diameter 12mm

19.95 *

WesternRope with Snap or Karabiner 420cm

Product no.: GR 112-005 EquiActive

Westernrope with Bullsnap Karabiner

Soft grippy outer material, firm inner core

Length: 420cm, thickness: 18mm

19.95 *

New Rope 6,90m

Product no.: GR 270217

Rope / ground work rope 6.90m

robust, long rope for ground work

with snap carabiner 

15.00 *
In stock

Exclusive nature knit

Product no.: EQ 220 900[1]

laid rope made ​​of hemp with verspleistem end
Carabiner hook or panic

German  hand product, Exclusively for us!

35.95 *
In stock
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