Rigid Liverpool curb

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Rigid Liverpool curb with fixed sides

With slightly curved rod as mouthpiece

For optimum freedom from tongues

Stable sides, hook, chin chain made of stainless steel

8,5cm; 9,5cm; 10,5cm; 11,5cm; 12,5cm; 13,5cm; 14,5cm; 15,5cm; 16,5cm; 17,5cm; 18,5cm; 19,5cm


Product Note Status Price
curb chain protector curb chain protector
2.00 € *
Hook for chin chain Hook for chin chain
3.45 € / pair(s) *
Flat chin chain hook Flat chin chain hook
4.45 € *
Draft Chin chain 26cm Draft Chin chain 26cm
9.95 € *
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