XFull harness

XFull harness

Wide selection of driving and working harness
1- and 2-piece - Chest blade harness, cramp and work harness, driving with and without blinders,
Curved breast blade, pulling cords,

Many spare parts and parts in the very best leather quality
Breastblade and kumming harness are suitable for tournament !!!

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DeLuxe Driving bridle with blinders

Product no.: Pro 7100

Driving bridles with blinders

Headband with chain,

Sizes MiniShetty, Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full, Draft

74.95 *
89.95 €
1 piece(s) = 69.95 €
You save 17 %
In stock

Noble workhalter for work harness

Product no.: Pro 7755

Workhorse made of fine, good leather

Headband: red, blue, green or black and white

Sizes: Small horse, Haflinger, Cob, Full, draft

79.95 *
In stock

Draft headpiece Worker

Product no.: FF 100257[1]

headstall Worker

wide headstall made of high quality leather,

Leather: black, holes punched oval, fittings: Stainless steel

99.95 *
In stock

Baroque bridle with Celtic cross

Product no.: Pro MA 1000[1]

Handmade Baroque bridle with Celtic cross

Colors: black, brown and new Antik

Sizes: cob, Full, draft, XL draft

80.00 *
139.90 €
You save 43 %
In stock

single double horse breast harness DeLuxe

Product no.: Pro 7000

Complete single or double horse harness with bridle, breast leaf, harness, belts, pulling straps, rear harness
Sizes: draft

599.95 *
In stock

Folded breast plate for one or two horses

Folded breast plate

available as single or dual carriage

Size: Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full, XFull

196.95 *
249.95 €
You save 21 %

Single breast harness Big Boy

Product no.: GR 160212 Big

Single breast harness Big Boy

Size: XXXFull, XXFull, XFull,

complete harness suitable for tournaments with curved breast blade

669.95 *

2-chips breast plate harness BigBoy

Product no.: GR 160035

2-chips breast plate harness BigBoy

with bridle, Pulling straps, harnesses and leash

Sizes: XFull, XXFull, XXXFull

999.95 *
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