wilson snaffle

wilson snaffle

wilson snaffle is used in the country tension or breastplate harness,

has the great advantage over the collar of the city harness that it can be better adapted to different horses by buckling it up. All carriages that are unpainted, left in natural wood or covered with light or brownish wood glaze are a good match for the land tension.

The breastplate harness of the land harness is also called Sielen harness. Brown harnesses or working harnesses, as are frequently used in southern Germany and Austria for Haflinger and draft horses, also belong to the land tensioning. These harnesses are often partly made of wood and leather and are richly decorated with colourful ornaments.
In Bavaria and Austria such richly decorated working coats are common especially for draft or Haflinger horses.

In agriculture and forestry, heavy, stable working harnesses are used.  These harnesses often include chains or special, conically twisted hemp ropes instead of leather pull cords.  Instead of the usual double ring bridle or curb bit, you can also use bridles with chain and toggle.

The driver wears a national costume or suit with felt hat, the co-driver traditional costume or riding clothes. The tidy carriage driver drives with brown leather gloves and a buck cover or buck apron (apron) to protect the clothes from the greased line. A stick whip and the double ring bridle or post curb belong to the land tension.   
This is the only curb that is permitted for land tensioning.

Breastplate harnesses are only driven with leather holders. For shore power, round/oval lamps are used.

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Double ring bit

Product no.: Pro 7161 160136

Double ring snaffle are a classic ride bits

With simply broken mouthpiece

Sizes: 8,5 - 19,5 cm

22.00 *
23.95 €
You save 8 %

Sprenger wilson snaffle with 4 rings

Sprenger wilson snaffle with 4 rings

thickness 20 mm, ring Ø 65mm

sizes: 125mm; 135mm; 145mm

39.95 *
In stock

Simply crushed leg bridle

Product no.: GR 280034

Simply crushed leg bridle

Lengths: 13,5;14,5;15,5;16,5;17,5 cm

Length of the legs: approx. 16cm

28.95 *
38.95 €
You save 26 %

Golden double ring bit

Product no.: Pro 7161

Golden double ring bit

Sizes: 11.5 cm, 12.5 cm, 13.5 cm, 14.5 cm

single broken mouthpiece thickness ca.20mm

15.00 *
23.95 €
You save 37 %
In stock

EQuest Bit Forend Pads

Product no.: EQ 594 600

EQuest Bit Forend Pads

diameter: approx. 85mm, color: black or white

so that the sensitive, skin fold is not squeezed in

2.95 *
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