dog harnesses

dog harnesses

Trendy dog harness in many colors & designs

All materials such as nylon and leather

Sizes from Mini to Maxi

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Hunter leather harness Aalborg

Product no.: Hunter 67324

Hunter Leather Harness Aalborg

different sizes for a perfect fit

soft cowhide leather in cognac, brown, olive or black 

54.95 *

Norwegian Harness Racing

Product no.: Hunter 47370

Hunter Norwegian harness Racing

Size from S to XXL, different colours

ideal for cycling and jogging

29.95 *

Hunter Harness Neoprene Excellent

Product no.: Hunter 64030

Hunter Harness Neoprene Excellent
Size from XS to XXL, different colours

high wearing comfort and many adjustment possibilities

41.95 *
1 piece(s) = 33.95 €

Panic harness Vario Rapid

Panic harness Vario Rapid

with additional waist belt that prevents the harness from being wiped off

various sizes

29.95 *

Harness Maldon

Product no.: Hunter 66792

Hunter Harness Maldon

different sizes for a perfect fit

Great fit, soft padding, extremely comfortable


35.95 *
1 piece(s) = 32.50 €

Norwegian Neoprene Professional Harness

Product no.: Hunter 64256

Norwegian Neoprene Ranger Professional Tableware

different sizes in black with reflective elements

ideal for sports activities

37.95 *

Norwegian Harness Meldal

Product no.: Hunter 65884

Norwegian harness Meldal

different sizes for a perfect fit

highly reflective, very soft padded material, extremely comfortable


24.95 *

Tripoli harness for little dogs

Product no.: Hunter 67117

Tripoli harness for small dogs

different sizes for a perfect fit

special reflector strips reflect in rainbow colours

9.95 *

Hunter Hilo Comfort harness

Product no.: Hunter 67463

Hunter Leather Harness Aalborg

different sizes for a perfect fit

Innovative, soft, cuddly and extremely lightweight

27.95 *
1 piece(s) = 19.95 €

Hunter harness Divo

Hunter Harness Divo

5 adjustment points for ergonomic fit

highly reflective in various colours and sizes

41.95 *

Harness Round & Soft Luxus Elk Petit

Product no.: Hunter 43837

Hunter Harness Round & Soft Luxury Elk Petit

light, soft harness with radiant rhinestone jewellery

is extra for smaller dogs

39.95 *
1 piece(s) = 37.95 €

Life jacket Hunter

Product no.: Hunter 62444 Moss

Life jacket Hunter

Different sizes up to 30kg weight,

grab Handle, perfect fit, reverberatory

47.95 *
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