Western saddle accessories

Western saddle accessories

Equipment that will make your Western saddle complete,

such as lambskin belts, belly straps, Saddle Buddy,

back straps, tapaderos and much more

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Lambskin seat back cover Western

Saddle seat with horn cutout

Made of dense and durable Australian Merino lambskin

different colors

79.90 *


Product no.: Pro W1028

Tapaderos made of strong, solid leather

They prevent slipping in the stirrup

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

26.95 / pair(s) *

Exclusive saddle cover Cowboy or Cowgirl

Product no.: HiTack+ 5660

Exclusive saddle covers Cowboy or Cowgirl

Colour: navy, brown, black, purple

suitable for western saddle with horn

23.95 *

Cleat belt protector of lambskin

Product no.: Engel Spring-Bagu

Curved cleat protection belt of 100% lambskin

The short jumping belt protector protects your horse

colour med./nature; mocha; black

65.95 *

Off Billet made of leather or nylon

Product no.: HiTack+ 1075

Off Billet in leather or leather sewn

and nylon belt

width: 4,5cm.... in different colours

28.95 *
1 piece(s) = 8.95 €
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