Classic horse saddles

Classic horse saddles

Quality leather saddles for all breeds

Treeless or short saddles, jumping saddles,

Versatility and dressage kits

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Versatility saddle "Black River" 18

Product no.: GR 990403 18"

Saddle "Black River" 18"

seat size: 18", chamber 28cm, 34cm

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Icelandic saddle 18"

Product no.: Pro 200057

Icelandic saddle 18" with:

wool filled saddle pad, padded knee rolls

long dressage blade, soft padded ribbed seat

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Leather Haflinger saddle 17,5"

Short versatility saddle with super leather quality

Seat size:
17,5", with flat, wide chamber

Color: black, brown

219.95 *
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Measuring grid for saddle fitting

Product no.: Art. Nr: 1849[1]

Rental fee for a saddle measuring grid

to determine the size

there are stopping points for chamber size, swing, length of a saddle

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Pony saddle London 15 "

Product no.: Pro 1001 London

great pony saddle

made of really good saddle leather

Seat size: 15", Color: black or brown

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Spanish saddle

Product no.: GR 200001

This Spanish saddle is a real beauty.
ideal for dressage and terrain

Classic handcrafted from oiled leather.

500.00 *
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Saddle handle strap

Product no.: GR 990366 fwf 61002

Stitched saddle retaining straps

easy to buckle in via hook closure

Color: natural, Length: 35 cm

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Versatility Saddle Favorito Trento 17,5 "

Product no.: G 340016

High quality saddle made of the finest Italian leather

Seat size: 17.5 ", normal chamber 32cm

Test saddle

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