Saddles for Minis

Saddles for Minis

Saddles for Minis

stable saddles and additional equipment

Especially for Shettys and Minishettys

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Western saddle Dakota Rainer Junior

Full Quarter fiberglass construction

Seat size 13 ", length: 53 cm

Weight: approx. 7.8 kg, Strap: Full on Skirt

599.95 *

Treeless saddle Light + belt and strap

Product no.: G 200081 expert-child

High quality treeless saddle set complete with belt and belt

For optimum riding comfort and a stable sitting feeling

Size: 13 ",

99.95 *

Round Skirt Kids western saddle

Good, stable kids leather saddle

Sizes 12 "Pony, 10" Shetty

Colors: brown, black

149.95 *

Shetlandpony Saddle

Product no.: Pro 1003 dundee

From good saddle leather

With sturdy nylon underlayed belt strings

Seat Size: 14 " lenght

178.95 *
In stock

High quality youth saddle

Product no.: Pro 1002 Dublin

High quality youth saddle from good saddle

Seat size: 16 ", color: black

With wide chamber width

199.95 *

saddle set PartyPony

Product no.: GR 200009

complete saddle set PartyPony

saddle, girth, saddle pad, stirrup with strap

Colour: black, pink, red, blue

69.95 *

Pony saddle London 15 "

Product no.: Pro 1001 London

great pony saddle

made of really good saddle leather

Seat size: 15", Color: black or brown

179.95 *

Sattle Set " Little Star"

Product no.: GR 200106

Complete Saddle set "Little Star"for wood Horses
Stirrup, stirrup, straps

pink, red, black, blue, golden

49.95 *
79.90 €
You save 37 %

Saddle Buddy - children stirrup

Product no.: Pro W1040

Saddle Buddy - children stirrup

So that even children in the large Western saddle can find sufficient support

Made of nylon,

Color: brown

31.95 *
34.90 €
You save 8 %

Saddle Buddy with Tapaderos

Product no.: HiTack 1957

Saddle Buddy children stirrups including tapaderos

So that the children in the big Westernsattel stop

By Weaver Leather

89.90 *

Little dude children stirrups

Product no.: HiTack 1955

Little dude children stirrups including tapaderos

So that the children in the big Westernsattel stop

By Weaver Leather

119.90 *
129.90 €
You save 8 %

New Riding cushion "Bareback" by USG

Product no.: USG 15200006-100

High quality riding cushion "Bareback" by USG

for optimal riding comfort and very gentle on the horse

with handle

129.95 *
In stock
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